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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in General |

There’s always something new!

Last week, we were called about a pool about 20 miles outside of West Phoenix. It is six years old and had the Ugly white line, according to the pool service guy. What an understatement! This pool had calcium built up that was at least three inches high and nodules that formed like a fungus, except hard as a rock. This also formed on the plaster but not to the extent of the tile. Mark, in all these years, has never seen anything like it.

It took him over an hour to chip the top layer off with a wide hammer chisel. Talk about ‘above and beyond’. The pictures look like the pool had been demoed with all that stuff on the bottom. No damage to the pool or tile and after the glass bead shoot was done, the tile looked like new!

The pool owner was absolutely amazed and Mark has a friend and customer for LIFE!

If anyone else has seen anything like that, let us know. This is one for the books!

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