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Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 in General |

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Having your own pool right in your backyard is a great possession to not just you and your family’s pleasure but likewise to the value of your home. Nevertheless, no matter how special or huge a pool is, it may come to be an eye sore if it’s not appropriately maintained. Swimming pool floor tile cleaning is one maintenance program that shouldn’t be ignored. If left alone, the floor tile around your swimming pool could promptly get an accumulation of mold and the appearance of a ring around the swimming pool. You may fight accumulation by doing small scrubs by yourself everyday. Who wants to do that right? No one. Here’s some stuff that’ll help out though.

First, frequently exame the chemical levels in the pool. Keeping the balance of chlorine in the swimming pool can be tricky; inadequate chlorine enables algae, mildew and mold to increase, and excessive chlorine can bleach the ceramic tiles to look white. As long as you routinely keep an eye on the pool’s chemical and chlorine levels to get them in equilibrium, you’ll be OK. (We have a weekly pool service that does this by the way.)

Second, clean the porcelain tiles as soon as a week with a stiff pool brush. If you do not have buildup, you could simply use the currently chlorinated water to clean the ceramic tiles. If you do have buildup, then you could wish to use a ceramic tile cleaning product from the store; you can additionally utilize natural cleansing products by combining vinegar and baking soft drink. When you need a professional, call us.

Last but not least, every swimming pool owner should cleanse the pool tiles with a tile cleaner once a season, preferably by an expert.

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