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“Water” Dogs


Meet from left to right,

Jake, Wisdom and Bear, the dogs of

Arizona Pool Tile Cleaners owners.

The technicians at Arizona Pool Tile Cleaners know that your pets are a part of your family. We take extra care to protect them while we are servicing your pool.

                                         Always tell us you have a dog!

There was one time that a customer forgot. This was perhaps the smartest dog in the world and he managed to bolt through the gate as the equipment was being brought in. He’s the only dog that ever got past us in the history of the company.  He’s a Greyhound named Sprinter.

He appeared to have a plan. He knew what he was doing and his timing was impeccable.

Sprinter was on his way to see the world and Mark chased him for almost four hours, on foot, through the neighborhood before the dog decided he should return home. He met Mark at his back yard gate with a look of satisfaction on his muzzle.

Mark rescheduled the tile restoration for the next day!!   After explaining to the owner why there was a delay, the gentleman said, “Oh, he does that all the time. You didn’t have to chase him, he always comes home.”

This page is dedicated to all the customers dogs we love, including Sprinter. 

Email us a picture of your dog, or any of your pets, playing around or in your pool. Send along the pets name and breed and permission and we will proudly feature your special friend on this page.




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