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There’s always something new!

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in General | Comments Off on There’s always something new!

Last week, we were called about a pool about 20 miles outside of West Phoenix. It is six years old and had the Ugly white line, according to the pool service guy. What an understatement! This pool had calcium built up that was at least three inches high and nodules that formed like a fungus, except hard as a rock. This also formed on the plaster but not to the extent of the tile. Mark, in all these years, has never seen anything like it. It took him over an hour to chip the top layer off with a wide hammer chisel. Talk about ‘above and...

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Blog #3 – “Tis the Season”

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in General | Comments Off on Blog #3 – “Tis the Season”

“Tis the Season” for acid washes and tile cleaning.  Draining your pool now, before our Arizona heat really sets in,  is an important part of pool maintenance. Mine is a average play pool and it takes a few hours to drain.  I put the water into my yard.  It doesn’t hurt the grass.  Refilling takes about 15 hours and that last time I did it, the cost for the water was just under $60.00.  That is a small price to pay for maintaining my swimming pool.  It’s something that brings my family and Yes, even my pets,  pleasure...

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Blog #2

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in General | Comments Off on Blog #2

REALTORS: SWIMMING POOL RESTORATION Are the swimming pools of your foreclosed homes holding back a sale? As you know, a pool can add or subtract value from the purchase price of a home. If it has been allowed to go vomit green, we can help. With our proprietary system, we can bring most swimming pools back to looking like new. Give us a call at Arizona Pool Tile Cleaning/Clear Choice Pool Cleaning and let us give you an estimate on restoring the pool to a beautiful, usable state that will impress any prospective clients. For reclamation info....

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Blog Post #1

Posted by on Jan 15, 2011 in General | Comments Off on Blog Post #1

Having your own pool right in your backyard is a great possession to not just you and your family’s pleasure but likewise to the value of your home. Nevertheless, no matter how special or huge a pool is, it may come to be an eye sore if it’s not appropriately maintained. Swimming pool floor tile cleaning is one maintenance program that shouldn’t be ignored. If left alone, the floor tile around your swimming pool could promptly get an accumulation of mold and the appearance of a ring around the swimming pool. You may fight...

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