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Arizona Pool Tile Cleaners and our sister company, Clear Choice Pool Service have been in business for more than ten years.

We are family owned and operated and provide the PERSONAL SERVICE that pool owners have come to expect.  We are aware of the needs for our green earth and we LOVE your PETS like our own.

Your pool is a HUGE INVESTMENT and a place for your family and friends to gather and play.  It is important that your pool stay clean and healthy year round and we will not only keep the water clean with our weekly service, we will make sure that it LOOKS CLEAN, INVITING AND SPARKLING.

We recommend that your pool water be changed every year or two.  We can recover and restore the new look of your pool with acid washes, tile cleaning and chemical and equipment recovery.

Our tile cleaning equipment is State of the Art, and Mark has used his engineering background to develop a process that is one of a kind.  This equipment uses much less product than our competitors therefore eliminating the damage caused by other methods.

Mark had used his expertise on debris removal on automobiles, engine parts, barbeque grates, ivy and rust removal and the restoration of those EXPENSIVE HAND TOOLS.  He will treat your precious items with care and remove the damage done by neglect, use and our harsh Arizona weather.

Give Mark or Todd a call when you need their help. They will take the time, how ever long that takes, to answer ALL of YOUR QUESTIONS! 480-987-3680 All clients are given the cell phones numbers for Mark and Tod so they can be reached 24 hours a day.


Your can count on Arizona Pool Tile Cleaners to care for your pool as if it is their own.

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